U.S. Army "Superman Study" Gives You Full Body Rejuvenation

Billion-dollar U.S. Army breakthrough now available to civilians

How the Army is building the perfectly fit and mentally able soldier now revealed

How you can restore and exceed the strength and stamina of your youth

Dear Friend,


I'm Dr. Marcus Laux and I've spent a lifetime helping my patients live with the peak mental performance and all-round physical stamina they've not experienced since youth…


All thanks to the U.S. Army.


After years of multi-billion dollar research, they discovered an extraordinary way to revive the health of our soldiers for peak performance — at any age!


And now it's available to civilians like us




What excites me most is the fact it restores your ability to carry out complex tasks, both physically and mentally, allowing you to function in all areas of your life with peak performance.


What the Army calls "Executive Function".


It can help rejuvenate your sex life, heart, cognition, energy levels, immunity, joint pain, muscle tone, vision, weight, even lengthen your life span.


…that's why I call it complete "balls-to-bones" rejuvenation.


It brings your systems and organs into complete balance according to:

Your Own Executive Function


It all started with an announcement from Dr. Dan Johnson of The Comprehensive Fitness Program of The U.S. Army revealing their discovery.


When the report was issued, jaws dropped.


“The U.S. Military has a strong interest in the potential health benefits of this formula, particularly the cognitive effects for soldiers on active duty.”


The Army succeeded at its goal of building the perfect, physically-fit soldier, without dangerous drugs, because their discovery went beyond a single health “fix” or unnatural stimulant.


What good would it be to have a soldier whose muscles worked better but whose brain didn’t operate at optimum capacity?


One Shot At Full Restoration


Today, most doctors are taught to fix one ailment at a time… dealing with each new problem as it happens.


That’s sub-optimal and now unnecessary given the Army’s discovery…


By finally restoring your biochemical balance, your entire system runs smoothly -- the way it was designed to.


The Army's breakthrough renews your biochemical balance at the deepest cellular level naturally.


Once the Army revealed its secret I was determined to bring this remarkable breakthrough to civilians like yourself — and it’s quickly becoming the most important health breakthrough for men this century.


Please allow me to share the information in detail. I have prepared a medical breakthrough report and have just 100 of them printed at hand for the first men of America who request it.


Best of health,







Dr. Marcus Laux


P.S. As soon as you complete the request form I will get an email notice. I very much look forward to sending you my special report because it reveals the U.S. Army breakthrough for male transformation that has meant so much to my private practice patients in restoring their health.

 An Open Letter From Dr. Laux, N.D. 
America’s Natural Medicine Expert

Special Notice

For a short time I’m offering to send by post my printed medical breakthrough report revealing in detail this little known information to the first 100 men who request it. Men who will not settle for ageing decline. Men who still demand maximum performance and what the Army aims for: complete physical and mental rejuvenation.

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